Kinship Caregiver Program

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Program Description

While grandparents and other relatives raising their kin exhibit a wide variety of strengths, these "kinship caregivers" also may face a number of challenges in accessing health, education, financial, and legal services for the children in their care. As a result, in 2006, the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) created the New York State Kinship Caregiver Program to assist persons caring for related children.

A statewide network of programs is used to support kinship placements by promoting household stability and permanency through services for kinship caregivers and their kin. The Kinship Caregiver Program allows community-based organizations to deliver a wide range of services that address the multiple needs of caregivers and the children in their care including counseling, legal information, support groups, parenting skills, and education.

In addition, the New York State Kinship Navigator Program is funded as part of this initiative. Operated through Rochester Catholic Family Center, this program is designed to creatively assist kinship caregivers in gaining access to information and community support services. The Navigator Program operates a toll-free phone line and website to identify kinship care related services and make available specialists to assess caregiver needs and develop action plans.

Appropriation level/funding source/SFY 2007-2008
TANF $1,150,000
State funds $1,000,000

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