Non-Residential Domestic Violence Services

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Program Description

The $3 million TANF supplemental was first made available in State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2000-01 in response to the increased demand for non-residential domestic violence services in association with the implementation of the Family Violence Option that requires a domestic violence screening be administered to all applicants and recipients of Temporary Assistance in New York State. These TANF funds must be used for enhanced or expanded core and/or optional Non-Residential Domestic Violence Services (as defined in the program regulations) provided by approved Non-Residential Domestic Violence Programs for persons with incomes up to 200% of the poverty level. Non-residential domestic violence services are defined in the program regulations and are designed to support safety and self sufficiency needs for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Appropriation level/funding source/SFY 2007-08

$3 million is allocated to local social service districts to administer to approved Non-Residential Programs for victims of domestic violence.

Outcomes and Performance Targets

These funds are used for a variety of service areas designed by the local districts and local providers to support the safety and self-sufficiency needs of victims of domestic violence and their children. Outcomes are designed to reduce the reoccurrence of family violence.

Program Awards

TANF Non-Residential Domestic Violence Allocations SFY 2007-08

Performance Data

TANF Non-Residential Domestic Violence Performance Data

Locations Served

TANF Non-Residential Domestic Violence Locations Served