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ACF-801 Forms Utility Video

To satisfy the reporting requirements for the Child Care and Development Fund, OCFS introduces a new automated forms utility for quarterly ACF-801 reporting. This utility streamlines the reporting process and makes it easier and more efficient. The utility enables reporting staff to generate case lists and complete forms electronically, as well as providing options for staff to submit completed forms via mail, fax or e-mail.

1. Introduction

Basic information about the ACF-801 Forms Utility and how it can be used.

2. Setting Up Your Computer for the ACF-801 Forms Utility

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your computer to use the ACF-801 Forms Utility. This setup process only needs to be completed once for each computer.

3. Generating Your Case List

Step-by-step instructions for generating the list of cases for quarterly reporting. This process must also be completed before you can generate partially completed ACF-801 forms for reporting.

4. Generating Partially Completed ACF-801 Forms

Step-by-step instructions for generating partially completed ACF-801 forms, for the case list you previously generated.

5. Completing ACF-801 Forms

Step-by-step instructions for using different types of form fields to complete the ACF-801 forms for reporting.

6. Submitting Completed ACF-801 Forms

Step-by-step instructions for printing and manually submitting completed forms, or for submitting completed forms electronically.

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