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Locating and Engaging Fathers

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Fathers, who too frequently have been “invisible” to the child welfare planning process, are an essential resource to their child not only psychologically but also as a potential permanency resource. Engaging fathers may begin with locating an absent father. Bringing the father into the case planning process requires sensitivity to complex family dynamics. Once engaged, the father may be able to develop a meaningful relationship with his child(ren), provide a home for them, and can model effective parenting to his children. Consideration of not only the father, but his entire extended family, broadens the opportunity for the child to experience meaningful connections and potential permanency resources.

The Locating and Engaging Fathers Toolkit is designed for local districts to develop and utilize effective strategies for locating absent fathers. Based on the belief that children need fathers in their lives, this toolkit provides tools for agencies and workers to implement strategies for engaging fathers in the lives of their children and for helping families promote child safety, permanency and well-being.

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