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The Rehabilitation Act requires that NYSCB conduct reviews and reevaluations of the status of individuals who have achieved an employment outcome in an extended employment setting. Reviews and reevaluations must take place for 2 years after the individual achieves their employment outcome and thereafter if requested by the individual or their representative.

Purpose of the Review

The purpose of the review is to determine the feasibility of a individual entering competitive employment and to provide assistance including the provision of vocational rehabilitation services, reasonable accommodations and other necessary support services wherever possible in the transition from extended employment to competitive employment (including supported and self-employment) through the provision of such services.

Scope of the Review

The review and reevaluation must include input by the individual, or if appropriate, the individual's representative. In addition, the review and reevaluation of the status of individuals closed in extended employment should include:

1. an examination of the individual's record of services including a review of the reasons for placement into extended employment,

2. a review of the individual's employment history in the community rehabilitation program during the past year including productivity and work adjustment,

3. a determination as to whether any progress or change has occurred in the individual's readiness for competitive employment,

4. a determination as to whether the provision of additional rehabilitation services, reasonable accommodations and/or other support services may lead to competitive employment.

A signed acknowledgment that the review and reevaluation has taken place must be obtained from the individual.

Other Factors to Consider During the Review

In addition to the above minimum review criteria, other issues to consider include

new production techniques or equipment which may aid the individual in employment and the current job market.

Outcome of the Periodic Review

The periodic review of extended employment may result in:

1. continuation of the individual in extended employment, or

2. the provision of post employment services, or

3. reopening the individual's case.


In some instances, the counselor will require a vocational assessment when:

1. existing information is not sufficient for a determination of the individual's readiness for competitive employment, or

2. the counselor wants to know whether the provision of rehabilitation services is likely to make the individual ready for competitive employment.

This service will be provided as a post employment service in Status 32.

Who Conducts the Review

The senior counselor is responsible for determining who will conduct the review of extended employment. In most cases the reviewer will be a VR counselor.

How to Complete the Review

To complete the review, the designated individual will interview the individual, community rehabilitation program staff and where appropriate, the individual's representative and will review the individual's record of services.

Available and appropriate information from the community rehabilitation program may be used to assist the reviewer during the review process. Examples of such information are agency reviews, reports, and vocational assessment.

Number of Reviews

Individuals in extended employment will be reviewed for two consecutive years. If the two reviews indicate that no significant change has taken place in the individual's job readiness or prospect for competitive employment, succeeding reviews will take place only at the request of:

1. the individual,

2. the individual's representative, or

3. the community rehabilitation program's representative.

Recording the Review

The outcome of the review will be recorded on the form titled Periodic Review of Persons Placed in Extended Employment (See pages 13.00.04-05).

Where to File the Form

After appropriate signatures are secured on the form, it will be placed in the individual's file and become part of the record of services.

Reporting Requirement

The outcome of the periodic reviews of persons in extended employment is reported to the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) by Central Office annually. District offices will be asked to report the outcomes of their reviews to Central Office at the end of each State fiscal year.