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Rehabilitation teaching is a comprehensive service that involves the provision of training to assist the individual in achieving his/her maximum level of functioning in the areas of: manual dexterity; communication; orientation to home or work environment; home management; personal management and use of low vision aids and other adaptive devices. These services are customarily provided in the individual's home, at a private agency serving individuals who are blind, in a school setting or other community setting.

Scope of Services

Communication training may include braille and or large print or other preferred communication mode; the ability to use the telephone, including number retrieval; skills sin such functions as note-taking, message retrieval, record keeping, typing, labeling, and organizing information; and the ability to use communication devices, including but not limited to typewriter, keyboard, tape recorder, calculator, personal message recorder, or electronic notetaking devices.

Home management will include training in meal planning and preparation, use of appliances and utensils, food storage and organization, and home cleaning, organization and safety.

Personal management includes training in personal grooming, clothing selection and care, child care, medication management and the use and care of non-optical and prescribed optical devices.

Financial Management includes training in the use of appropriate financial institutions, personal budgeting and money management.

Determining the Scope of Rehabilitation Teaching Services

The scope of rehabilitation teaching services provided is determined based upon an evaluation of the individual's needs relative to their vocational goal. The counselor will be provided a written report of the evaluation findings including recommendations. The counselor will discuss the evaluation findings and recommendations with the consumer and determine the services to be provided to meet the consumer's objective(s).

Who Provides Rehabilitation Teaching Services

Rehabilitation teaching services are provided by professional rehabilitation teachers and, respectively, who meet the qualifications established by NYSCB. They may be provided through a private agency, by a NYSCB rehabilitation teacher or by a private vendor.

Priority of Service Provider

The following order of selection is to be used when choosing a service provider teacher:

1. private agency personnel, when available

2. NYSCB rehabilitation teacher

3. independent rehabilitation teacher who is approved by NYSCB as a private vendor. Private vendors are to be used when priorities 1 and 2 are not available.

Economic Need

The provision of rehabilitation teaching services is not contingent upon an individual's economic need status.

Comparable Benefits

Where available, adequate and timely, comparable benefits are to be accessed in the provision of rehabilitation teaching services.