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Other academic training is training on a secondary educational level or lower. Other academic training is provided to improve a consumer's academic functioning and provide the consumer with specific vocational skills in accordance with an approved IPE.

Other Academic Training Services

Other academic training includes but is not limited to:

1. Adult Basic Education courses

2. English as a Second Language

3. high school equivalency programs

4. tutorial services

5. vocational training in specific occupations provided by the Board of Cooperative Educational Systems (BOCES), such as: computer programming; clerical work; cosmetology and auto mechanics.

BOCES Programs

Individuals up to age 21, may be eligible to participate in BOCES programs offered by the local school board. These programs are available without cost to NYSCB. Some BOCES programs offer adult education courses in the evening at a cost to the individual.


The NYSCB counselor should obtain periodic written reports on the consumer's progress in training. The reports should contain, as a minimum, the following elements:

1. the period of time covered

2. services or coursework provided

3. summary of progress

4. comments or concerns

5. recommendations

Economic Need

Academic training services are provided without regard to a consumer's economic need status.

Comparable Benefits

Many training services in this category are provided by school systems at no cost. Other comparable benefits must be considered and utilized when appropriate.