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Vocational, Technical and Business Schools are private, profit or nonprofit schools that offer training in a variety of occupations. The programs typically award a certification for successful completion of the training.

Selecting a School

When considering the most appropriate school, the counselor and consumer must address, as a minimum, the following areas:

1. The appropriateness of the school. Will the training provided prepare the consumer for the employment she/he seeks?

2. Is the school approved by the New York State Education Department or the Veteran's Administration?

3. Is the school willing and able to accommodate any disability-related needs the consumer may have?

4. Can the consumer meet the school's selection criteria?

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence training programs or courses offered by the schools may be utilized by NYSCB consumers after consideration of the consumer's needs and the ability of the school to prepare the consumer to achieve the selected employment outcome.

Part-Time Training

Where available, a part-time program may be utilized if the presence of another disability(ies) inhibits the consumer's ability to participate in full-time training.

Out-of-State Programs

Vocational, technical and business school training may be sponsored in out-of-state schools.

When consumers are sponsored at out-of-state schools, they should be advised of resources in the area such as the local VR agency. Counselors should maintain responsibility for service coordination but may also inform the equivalent state agency that the individual is present in their state.

Students who attend a program outside of New York State will receive sponsorship at the same level of financial support as they would if they attended a program within New York State.

In addition, to these factors, the factors listed under "Selecting A School" must be considered when choosing an out-of-state school.

Rates for Training

NYSCB will pay the full cost of tuition and fees (after TAP and PELL have been deducted).

Economic Need

Sponsorship for training in vocational, technical or business schools is contingent upon the consumer's economic need status.

Comparable Benefits

Many schools provide student financial aid. Consumers are required to apply for PELL grants where applicable and explore other comparable benefits which may be available to them.