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Training is provided in accordance with an approved IPE in order for an individual to prepare for achievement of their employment outcome. The type of training provided is determined based on the needs of the individual and the type of preparation required by the selected vocational goal.

Length of Training

The duration of training is determined based upon the requirements of the selected vocational goal, the needs of the individual and NYSCB policy regarding the specific training source.

Types of Training

There are nine types of training, each described in this chapter:

1. vocational, technical, business school training

2. college training

3. other academic training

4. rehabilitation teaching

5. orientation and mobility training

6. work experience training

7. on-the-job training

8. job coaching

9. training in community rehabilitation programs

Comparable Benefits

Where appropriate, maximum utilization should be made of available comparable benefits. Prior to the provision of college training, all comparable benefits must be explored and utilized.

Economic Need

Some training services are provided without regard to the consumer's economic need status. Others are contingent upon economic need. Refer to the specific training section to determine whether or not that training is contingent upon economic need.