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NYSCB provides foreign language interpreters for individuals who do not speak English to enable them to participate in the rehabilitation process and communicate in their native language.

Purpose and Scope of Service

The purpose of interpreter services is to facilitate the exchange of information between the individual and the counselor, and assure the individual's active participation in the VR process. Interpreter services may be provided during contacts between the counselor and the individual, and during the provision of rehabilitation services.

Qualifications for Foreign Language Interpreters

Foreign language interpreter services are provided by interpreters who are conversant in both English and the foreign language which they interpret and have a high school education or equivalent.

Economic Need

Interpreter services may be provided without consideration of a consumer's economic need status.

Comparable Benefits

When available, adequate and timely, comparable benefits are to be accessed when providing interpreter services.

Authorization and Payment

Interpreter services will be authorized in accordance with established rates (See Chapter 15.00 - Private Vendors) and paid for using the DSS-335.