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This chapter contains specific information on each of the services which may be provided for NYSCB consumers. The services described in this chapter may be provided in accordance with an approved IPE, as appropriate to the needs of the individual consistent with the individual's informed choice.

Contents of this Chapter

Services Sections 8.00 - 8.13

VR Services Overview Section 8.00

Counseling and Guidance Services Section 8.01

Medical Restoration Services Section 8.02

Maintenance Section 8.03

Transportation Section 8.04

Home Modification Services Section 8.05

Services to Family Members Section 8.06

Interpreter Services for Individuals who are Deafblind Section 8.07

Interpreter Services for Non-English Speaking

Individuals Section 8.08

Reader Services Section 8.09

Low Vision Services Section 8.10

Personal Assistance Services Section 8.11

Occupational and Professional Licenses Section 8.12

Other Goods and Services Section 8.13

Rehabilitation Technology Sections 8.20-8.22

Assistive Technology Services Section 8.21

Assistive Technology Devices Section 8.22

Training Sections 8.30-8.39

Vocational, Technical, Business School Training Section 8.31

College Training Section 8.32

Other Academic Training Section 8.33

Rehabilitation Teaching Section 8.34

Orientation and Mobility Training Section 8.35

Work Experience Training Section 8.36

On-the-Job Training Section 8.37

Job Coaching Section 8.38

Training in Community Rehabilitation Programs Section 8.39