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Although every effort has been made to produce a thorough and comprehensive Manual, situations will likely arise which have not been addressed. In addition, there may be a need for clarification or examination of a specific policy or procedure. All staff are encouraged to raise questions and make comments regarding Manual content.

To Obtain Clarification

Questions should be raised through the supervisory levels beginning with the senior counselor and progressing to the district manager and the regional coordinator.

If the question is not able to be addressed at the local level, it should be raised to the Program Services Unit in Central Office. Questions can be presented either in writing or verbally, however, there may be instances when a written inquiry will be requested. Generally, it would be helpful to provide a concise summary of the facts surrounding the situation in question, the specific policy in question, any differing interpretations of the policy and a proposed solution.

Receiving a Response

Program Services Unit staff will review and research the issue or policy in question. This may require consultation with district office staff, legal counsel and possibly Rehabilitation Services Administration staff. Responses will be provided in a timely manner. In addition, staff will review the Manual to determine if a change is needed to clarify the policy.