Office of Children and Family Services

New York State Commission for the Blind

Low Vision Services for Consumers of NYSCB Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Low Vision Services are provided as part of an individualized plan for employment and are designed to assist individuals who are visually impaired to make the best use of their remaining vision and enable them to perform tasks at home, school, or work. A low vision exam will identify the low vision devices that may be most helpful. The devices prescribed by the Low Vision Practitioner will be purchased by NYSCB only if they have been determined to be helpful to perform tasks related to a consumer's vocational goal. Training with low vision devices is usually provided by the Low Vision Practitioner during the exam or by a Rehabilitation Teacher.

In order to get the most from low vision services:

  • Bring samples of readings or tasks needed to be done to the exam.
  • Bring any glasses, magnifiers, or other devices that you currently use to the exam.
  • Practice using newly prescribed devices to see how well they work.
  • Contact your low vision specialist or NYSCB counselor if a device doesn't work after a few weeks of practice.
  • Return the device to the low vision specialist if the device still doesn't work after additional training and practice.

Low vision services can only be provided one time within a twenty-four month period while receiving vocational rehabilitation services. Once services with NYSCB have been completed, the individual is responsible for the care of the low vision devices.