Office of Children and Family Services

Bridges to Health

Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Program "Bridges to Health" (B2H)

Instructions for Input of B2H Waiver in WMS Restriction/Exception Subsystem

B2H Waiver Codes

72 – Bridges to Health – Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (B2H SED)
73 – Bridges to Health – Developmentally Disabled (B2H DD)
74 – Bridges to Health – Medically Fragile (B2H MedF)

  1. Accessing the Restriction/Exception Subsystem
    1. Access the Medical Assistance Menu by choosing selection 25 on the WMS menu Upstate, or 08 in NYC.
    2. Access the Restriction/Exception subsystem by entering "R" on the Medical Assistance menu.
    3. Select the "Input" function by entering "I".
    4. Enter the client’s CIN, Case Number and your worker ID.
    5. Transmit.
  2. Entry of the Recipient Exception Code 72, 73, or 74 Bridges to Health Waiver (B2H).
    1. Enter the R/E Code (72, 73, or 74) in the RE/EXC TYPE field.
    2. The RE/EXC FROM DATE is entered equal to the first day the A/R is in " B2H Exception" status.
    3. Transmit the information and review for accuracy.
    4. Store the accurate data. (Upstate – Ctrl. F3, NYC – Ctrl., Shift F1)
  3. Deactivation of an Erroneous Entry (Removes an incorrect entry. Deactivation and re-entry of an exception code should never be done in the same day.)
    1. Access the RE/EXC Subsystem.
    2. Enter the RE/EXC TYPE of the deactivation. {Re-entry of the code (R/E 72, 73, or 74) you wish to remove.}
    3. Enter the RE/EXC PERIOD THRU DATE equal to the RE/EXC FROM DATE on file.
    4. Transmit and review the data.
    5. Store the accurate data. (This will remove the entry from the input screen. The deactivation transaction will still appear on the Inquiry and Audit Screens.)
  4. Termination of a Restriction/Exemption (To end date an existing R/E)
    1. Access the RE/EXC Subsystem Input screen.
    2. Enter the RESTRICTION TYPE (72, 73, or 74) and the termination date in the THRU DATE field. The Thru Date is the last day the A/R is in "LTHHC Exception" status.
    3. Review and transmit the data.
    4. Store the accurate data.