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Welcome to OCFS’s CONNECTIONS Information Security website. The OCFS Information Security website provides users with an overview of the information security requirements for the CONNECTIONS system and the required expectations of all individual users accessing the CONNECTIONS system. This website will provide you with information security guidance, administrative directives and policies in order to maintain the confidentiality, availability and integrity of New York State’s child welfare information.

The selection and employment of appropriate security controls for an information system is an important task for the operations and assets of an organization. CONNECTIONS security controls consist of administrative, technical and physical controls, which are designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the system and its information. As members of the workforce within NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services, a local district, or an authorized voluntary agency, you should understand the risks presented and other factors that could adversely affect your organization’s mission, operations, and its most important asset, the information on the children and families we serve.

What's New in Security

CONNECTIONS Reminders to LAN Administrators

CONNECTIONS Security Tip Sheets

CONNECTIONS Security Awareness Messages

Role of the CONNECTIONS Security Coordinator

Security Guidelines

Business Function Guidelines

Security Coordinator Resources

Internet Access Forms

A note about this topic: Maintain Agency Access and Maintain Organizational Hierarchy can only be assigned by State staff. To have them assigned to a staff in your district or agency, please have the Implementation Coordinator for your local district or agency complete the form below and forward to either Donna Cramer or Marie Wiley of CONNECTIONS Communications.

Please remember that any Business Function, including the MAINT AGY ACCESS and MAINT ORG HIER, cannot be assigned unless the person has a valid NT ID and is not in a conversion unit (a unit that has Conversion Person as the Unit approver). OCFS has been receiving requests for staff who do not meet one or both of these criteria, so please check before the request is sent in to avoid delays.

Please note: The Add or Maintain Agency Access or Organizational Hierarchy form is also posted in WORD in the Public Folders. The path to the form is: Public Folders>All Public Folders>>CONNECTIONS>Forms

Security Training Course Description

CONNECTIONS Security is a one-day course intended specifically for workers assigned as their agency's security coordinator or backup security coordinator. This instructor-led training provides discussion, demonstration and hand's-on exercises designed to provide CONNECTIONS Security Coordinators with a thorough orientation to all basic CONNECTIONS security functions. Participants learn about topics such as maintaining staff, office and units, security reports: modifying business function profiles, transferring workers, end-dating and reinstating staff.

Please note: For information on dates/times for Security training please see the SUNY Training Schedule posted on the Training Info & Schedule page of the website.

Miscellaneous Security Information