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OCFS Intranet

System/Network/ Windows 7/ Office 2010

Windows/Microsoft Office Training:

Office 365 Migration: Helpful Documentation

Custom Recipients in Webstart Office 365 (NewStar)

Office 365 Administrator Training Information

Office 365 Administration Guide for Agencies

Letter to Commissioners/Executive Directors, February 7, 2014

Email Update - Instructions (January 28, 2014)

Updated Users Spreadsheet (via January 28 email update)

Office 365 Update - E-Mail from Bill Travis

Office 365 Memorandum to LDSS and Voluntary Agencies

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

Office 365 District/Agency Conference Call and Migration Schedule (January 9, 2014)

Office 365 - Outlook Setup Instructions and Basic Troubleshooting (Updated January 15, 2014)

Office 365 - Outlook Web Access Quick Reference

Outlook 2010 - Quick Reference Card

Outlook 2013 - Quick Reference Card

Setting up Exchange ActiveSync on iPhone/iPad

Quick Start Guide - Webstar Office 365

NYSeMail O365 Coexistence Matrix

Windows 7/Office 2010

Windows XP Retirement Memo (January 15, 2014)

Upgrade to Windows 7/ Inventory Reconciliation Memo (November 21, 2013)

Windows 7 Frequently Asked Questions (Updated April, 2013)

Windows 7 Operating System/ Office 2010 Upgrade-Communication from William Travis (Posted July 19, 2012)

Network Connect Installation and Usage Guide for Windows 7 (Posted July 24, 2012)

Steps to Follow to Complete Encryption on Windows 7 Laptops (Posted July 23, 2012)

Checklist for Migration to Windows 7 (Posted July 24, 2012)

Steps for using the Windows 7 Off Network Image DVD discs (Posted July 24, 2012)


Citrix Information 2013

Citrix Server Upgrade: User Guide - October, 2013

Citrix Application Refresh Instructions - October, 2013

Citrix Desktop Upgrade Guide --October, 2013

Citrix Client (PN Agent) Upgrade: for SSL VPN Users-March 13, 2013

Citrix Client (PN Agent) Upgrade: for OneNet Users- March 13, 2013

Citrix Client (PN Agent) Upgrade: New Using Instructions March, 2013

Citrix Receiver 3.3 Troubleshooting Guide March 7, 2013

Citrix HDX Engine Troubleshooting - March 8, 2013

Citrix Desktop Upgrade Guide - April 11, 2013

Instructions for Installing the Citrix PN Agent Upgrade from the OCFS SharePoint

Instructions for Installing the PNAgent from the Autorun CD

Selecting Screen Size in Citrix 4.0

Selecting Screen Size in Citrix 4.0 for SSL/VPN or Web Interface Users

Windows XP Troubleshooting

CONNECTIONS does not launch on Windows XP Machine-Guidance Document (Posted March 6, 2013)

OFT Customer Relations Memos

08-CNS-001 Customer Networking Solutions Final Step for New Statewide DNS Platform Notification

08-ISO-01 Information Security and Risk Management Biometric Authentication Bulletin

Customer Relations Memo Regarding Emergency SAN Controller Repair

New Statewide DNS Platform notification and Instructions

Installing a Default Printer

The Portable Information Technology Demonstration Project

Equipment Change Forms

Please use the forms below whenever a change involving CONNECTIONS equipment is planned.