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Project Update

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NYPWA Winter Conference 2008

NYPWA Summer Conference 2003

NYPWA Winter Conference 2003

Automated Eligibility Information

Updated ~ Eligibility Workseet Information as of June 1, 2003

Updated ~ Automated Eligibility Worksheet User Guide (PDF)

First Version of the Automated Eligibility Worksheet and User Guide Information

Automated IV-E, EAF and Title XX (200% of Poverty) Excel Worksheet

The Automated IV-E, EAF, and Title XX (200% of Poverty) Excel Worksheet application is a standalone Excel spreadsheet that determines IV-E, EAF, and Title XX (200% of poverty) eligibility. The application is the first step in the eventual inclusion of eligibility determinations within CONNECTIONS. The application/spreadsheet is simply a tool to help in eligibility determination. The spreadsheet can be used to replace the current worksheet and the scratch pad budget.

To download these files:

Be sure you download the Eligibility Summary AND the version appropriate to your machine (NT 3.51 or Windows 2000).

Right-click on the link, and choose "Save Target As..." from the menu that appears.

Save the file to the following location:

Download the Eligibility summary

Download the Eligibility Worksheet 3.51 Version (revised version: posted June 3, 2003)

Download the Eligibility Worksheet 2000 Version (revised version: posted June 3, 2003)

February 25, 2008