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NYS Office for Technology (OFT) HSN Information

VPN Address Notification Communication

Information Regarding Blaster and Welchia Worm

Informational Letter (03 OCFS INF-02) CONNECTIONS Supplemental Equipment

CIAB Reconciliation

Citrix ICA Client Version 6.30.1050

OCFS-IT Customer Support Staff Attachmate e-Vantage Project

Attachmate e-Vantage Project (For Districts and ACS Only) OCFS-IT Customer Support staff, with the assistance and support from the Office for Technology, is planning to implement Attachmate e-Vantage which is a web based terminal emulation product for local district CONNECTIONS users. This product will allow CONNECTIONS users that currently access the Legacy systems (Ex: WMS) the ability to do so from their PC's via Microsoft Internet Explorer instead of having to go to a mainframe terminal. Due to specific software requirements for the Attachmate product access will only be granted for users that utilize the recently installed Windows 2000 CONNECTIONS Replacement PCs or Windows 2000 Data Warehouse PCs . CONNECTIONS NT 3.51 PCs cannot be used for this project.

Implementation will occur by region similar to CONNECTIONS 75% PC replacement schedule, starting in Region 4 in the summer of 2002 and working across the state to Region 1, then reaching downstate (Regions 5 & 6) in late 2002/early 2003. Regional meetings will be held with local district LAN Administrators to inform them of the project and provide a demo of Attachmate. Note: Customer Support Services (CSS) sent a notice regarding the above referenced information to local district LAN Administrators in the Albany Region (Region 4) on May 20, 2002.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Bambi Murphy at 1-877-229-CSCC or 518-473-0961.

If you would like additional information on this project, documents can be found at the CSS Website http://sdssnet5/hsasc on the Customer Support Command Center/LDSS IT Projects Page.

NYPWA Summer Conference 2002 ~ Attachmate e-Vantage Slide Show Presentation

Update Regarding PC Replacement

Memo Date: 12/13/01 RE: Desktop PC Replacement

This is to update you on current activity related to CONNECTIONS PC replacement rollout. Implementation Coordinators/LAN Administrators in the Albany Region (Region IV) should disregard this correspondence as pc replacement has been completed in Region IV. Installation is scheduled to begin in the Rochester and Syracuse Regions (Regions II and III) in January 2002. Over the next few weeks, districts and agencies involved in the rollout in the Syracuse and Rochester Regions will be contacted by the Office for Technology Command Center to verify the rollout schedule. Installation in the Buffalo Region (Region I) is currently scheduled to begin on February 4, 2002.

Please Note: This correspondence also does not apply to Dial-In Voluntary/CIAB agencies. CIAB sites are not receiving new equipment.

Based on the initial rollout experience in Region IV, we would like to emphasize the following:

Local site contacts should plan to remain on-site and available to facilitate the swap out throughout the day when equipment is being installed. When the Installation is complete, the site contact will be given a printed inventory of all equipment, and will be asked to sign the inventory form verifying that all equipment listed has been received and is operational.

If you have stored any data (Word documents, spreadsheets, other materials) on your current CONNECTIONS workstation's C: drive that you wish to keep, you are responsible for copying these files to your new workstation's C: drive. Your data will not be copied to the new workstation for you. All data on the PC being replaced must be removed (copied) prior to installation. Once the new PC is installed, the old PC will be removed from the site.

We recommend that staff review the PC Quick Start Guide prior to installation of the new pcs, in order to insure a smooth installation and transition. The Quick Start Guide and several other preparatory reference materials are available both on CONNECTIONS Intranet site (on the Job Aid Page, and Implementation Page) and in CONNECTIONS Public Folders (Public Folders>All Public Folders>Statewide>CONNECTIONS>Desktop PC Replacement).

If you have any questions related to the schedule of the rollout you may contact the Office for Technology Command Center at 1-800-603-0877. If there are any general questions related to this message you may contact the CONNECTIONS Communications Team.

May 17, 2007

May 3, 2007

February 9, 2007

**ALERT** ~ OFT Customer Relations Notification

HSEN Statewide Migration to McAfee Anti-Virus Version 8.5i

Febraury 2, 2007

**ALERT** ~ OFT Customer Relations Bulletin

Maintenance of Workstations in the HSEN Domain


January 22, 2007

January 8, 2007

March 31, 2006

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