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OCFS Intranet

Build 15 Identified FAD Issues

FAD Home Re-authorization Approval/Fingerprint Extension Process (Posted 6/27/02)

Issue: A problem has been identified related to the checkboxes in the "Renewal/Extension" section of the F/A Home License window. If the user is submitting this window for approval, 90 days prior to the expiration date of the FAD Home's re-authorization, the system will currently allow both the "Re-authorization" and the "Fingerprint Extension" checkboxes (within the "Renewal/Extension" section of the F/A Home License window) to be selected. If both checkboxes are selected, the system will not allow the user to save and submit the F/A Home License window for approval.

Status: This situation will be addressed with the implementation of Build 15.1 which will then prevent the user from selecting more than one of the checkboxes. In the interim, the user needs to check either the "Re-authorization" checkbox (when the re-authorization is complete) or the "Fingerprint Extension" checkbox (if the user is missing fingerprints received) on the F/A Home License window.

FRS Inaccessible Due To Navigation Path (SIR 24872) (FAD Reauthorization Approval Process Issue) (Posted 6/4/02) (Upated 6/6/02)

Issue: A problem has been identified related to the FAD Reauthorization Approval process. If the worker submits the Home License Window for approval in advance of the related FRS Reauthorization Document, and the Home License Event is approved, the FAD Record Summary (FRS) will become inaccessible.

Status: Statewide notice of this problem was sent May 30th in the CONNECTIONS Weekly Update. The problem will be addressed in the Build 15.02 patch that is scheduled for release the weekend of June 14, 2002. Currently, a data fix can be requested to retract the home license approval so that the FRS can be bundled with the resubmission of the home license window. Local users should be cautioned against submitting the Home License window prior to the related FRS Reauthorization Document. Please refer to the Annual Reauthorization Section of the "Build 15 Foster and Adoptive Home Record Summary Job Aid" for the correct navigational path. The Job Aid is posted on the CONNECTIONS Intranet Website and in the Build 15 Implementation Public Folder.

Medical Dates For Re-opened FAD Homes (SIR 24867) (Posted 6/6/02)

Issue: FAD Homes that are system closed due to late re-authorizations are being treated by the system as new homes rather than re-authorizations when re-opened. In these situations, the system is requiring a medical date be within 18 months** (as required for new homes) rather than 24 months (as required for re-authorization).

Status: This problem will be addressed in the Build 15.02 patch, scheduled for release the weekend of June 14, 2002. After Build 15.02, when a home is closed by the system due to late re-authorization, and then re-opened, CONNECTIONS will consider the medical date valid if it is within 24 months of the prior Authorization-To date.
**Per regulation, new homes require a medical within 12 months of the application date. Since CONNECTIONS does not capture the application date, the system calculates 18 months for new homes to allow for the 4-6 month timeframe generally associated with home opening.

System Requiring Fingerprint Dates In Error (SIR 24883)(Posted 6/6/02)

Issue: A home license error message is requiring fingerprint information when all required individuals in the home already have this information recorded.

Status: This problem is not occurring in all situations. It is currently being analyzed. by application development staff. To assist identifying the cause of this problem, please report any problems to the NYS Enterprise Help Desk.

System Validating Medical Dates In Error (SIR 24887) (Posted 6/6/02)

Issue: The system is validating all medical dates when any interim home license changes are made. Medical dates should only be validated when certification dates are updated.

Status: This problem will be addressed in the Build 15.02 patch that is scheduled for release the weekend of June 14, 2002.

FAD Closure Batch Was Temporarily Suspended (Delay In Generation Of "To-Do's") (Posted 6/4/02)

Issue: In order to evaluate reported FAD problems, the FAD Closure Batch was temporarily suspended on May 30, 2002. Homes that would have been closed by the Batch were not. Users did not receive system generated FAD Reauthorization Alerts ("To-Do's") until the Batch was restored.

Status: Running of the system Batch resumed on June 4th. Homes that were scheduled for re-certification prior to May 30th were closed in that Batch run. In addition, FAD Reauthorization Alerts ("To-Do'") that would have been generated on May 30th were generated on June 4th. Over the next several nights, remaining missed batches were run. The Batch is expected to be current by the middle of the week of June 10, 2002.