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Emergency Regulations Filed and In Effect to Implement Chapter 3 of the Laws of 2005 (Permanency Bill)

Documents Related to the Uniform Case Record (UCR) Regulations

Documents Related to the CONNECTIONS Regulations

Other Build 18 Implementation Tools

FAQ's on Build 18

Guide for Business Process Review and Analysis

CONNECTIONS Case Management Impact Analysis Documents

CONNECTIONS Case Management Issue Briefs

Post Build 18 Self Assessment

The GIC Highlights

Q4-09 Improvement Plan Information (Implementation date 2/26/10)

CONNECTIONS Transformation

Q2-09 Improvement Plan Information (Implementation date 6/27/09)

Q4-08 Improvement Plan Information (Implementation date 1/24/09)

Q3-08 Improvement Plan Information

CONNECTIONS Application Help Mailbox User Resource Documents

Build 18.9.7

Letter and Reports on Casework Contact Requirements


Build 18.9.6


Build 18.9.3 Reference Documents

Build 18.9.1 Reference Documents

Build 18.9 Reference Documents

Build 18.9 Business Process Redesign Manual

Build 18.9 BPR Part I: Introduction and Summary Work Flows

Build 18.9 BPR Part II: Current Business Practice Case Opening

Build 18.9 BPR Part III: Current Business Practice Case Maintenance

Build 18.9 BPR Part IV: Current Business Practice Case Closure

Build 18.9 BPR Part V: Foster and Adoptive Home Development (FAD)

Build 18.8.5 Reference Documents

Build 18.8 Resource Documents

Build 18.7.4 Reference Documents

Build 18.7.3 Reference Documents

Build 18.7.2 Reference Documents

Build 18.7 Resource Documents

Build 18.6 Information

Build 18.4 Information

The GIC Highlights

Letter to Commissioners and Voluntary Agency Executive Directors

Build 18 Information
CONNECTIONS Case Management Build 18

Build 18 Highlights & Productions Release Document

Build 18 Field Test & Preview Information

Prepatory Documents for the Implementation of Build 18

Conversion Information

Memo: Assign Units for Family Services Intake

OCFS Data Warehouse Children in Care Spreadsheet/Explanation

Gap Analysis Chart

CONNECTIONS Case Management Build 18 Self-Assessment

CONNECTIONS Build 18 Security for Decision-Making Training Video Companion Guide

Previous Build Information

Build 18.3 Information

Build 18.2 Information

Build 18.1 Information

Build 18 Implementation Issues

Build 17.5 Information

Build 17.2 Information

Build 17 Information

Summary of Build Information

Build 15 through Build 16.3 Information

Summary of Build 5 through Build 15 Document

Additional PC Rollout Information

For more information on the bailment agreement for local districts and voluntary agencies, click on their respective links here.

The New PC Quick Start Guide is now available.

We are pleased to announce that the State Comptroller has approved and signed the contract for the Desktop PC Replacement.


We have recently developed a revised plan for the rollout of the desktop PCs'. Click here to view the memo regarding the rollout.

SSL/VPN Information and VPN Information

Info on Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network (SSL/VPN) for Non-State Owned Equipment

The Office of Children & Family Services is pleased to announce the offering of the SSL/VPN to local districts and voluntary agencies for use with non-state owned equipment. The offering document, Remote Access Acceptable Use Memorandum of Understanding, and the SSL/VPN request form, are available on the OCFS internet website, at the following address (

Info on VPN Access for State Owned Equipment

The following is the address to the VPN Request form and documentation for state owned CIAB's. Please note that this info is located on the OCFS Internet at the following address:

Info on VPN Access for State Owned Laptops

Dragon Naturally Speaking Information

Quick Pad Information

CONNECTIONS Regulations Info

UCR Regulations Info