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Date: 10/05/01
To: CONNECTIONS Implementation Coordinators/LAN Administrators
From: CONNECTIONS Communications
RE: Desktop PC Replacement

Earlier this year (May 2001), we sent a letter from Zachary Zambri, CONNECTIONS Project Director, regarding our plans for replacing 75% of district and voluntary agency baseline desktops (PC's).

As you know, a preliminary award for the Desktop PC Replacement Project was approved by the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and was being reviewed by the New York State Office of the State Comptroller for final approval. We are pleased to announce that the State Comptroller has approved and signed this contract. In the next few weeks, we will be notifying districts/agencies of the schedule for the delivery of the new PC's. In the interim, attached are two reference documents that provide important information regarding the specifications for the new desktop PC's and the IBM delivery information. These reference documents are labeled, Attachment A, "IBM PC Hardware Specifications" and Attachment B, "IBM Hardware and Delivery Installation Services". Please take some time to review the hardware specifications and delivery information.

To prepare for the delivery of the new PC's, there are several tasks and best practice guidelines that local district and voluntary agency LAN Administrators and Information Technology Staff should follow to facilitate the Desktop PC Replacement Process. These tasks and best practices are outlined in the sections below (Best Practices for Document Storage and Desktop PC Replacement Process). In addition to the "Best Practices" and "Desktop PC Replacement" sections of this memo, attached are several companion reference documents, which provide either, helpful information and recommended time frames for preparing to migrate to your new CONNECTIONS workstation, or specific procedures for copying data from your current CONNECTIONS workstations to your new CONNECTIONS workstations.

These procedures have been developed to assist a variety of staff with different skill sets, however, depending on local practice, they may be used primarily by LAN Administrators or IT Staff. The companion reference documents are as follows:

Best Practices for Document Storage

To reinforce good practice for long-term information storage, we recommend that local LAN Administrators take the following steps:

Desktop PC Replacement Process

To facilitate the PC replacement process, local district and voluntary agency LAN Administrators should assure the following tasks are accomplished:

Note: the UCR Templates will be loaded on the new computers. No steps are necessary locally to transfer them.

Please keep in mind that the 2001 75% Desktop PC Replacement Project does not include CIAB's, supplemental equipment, laptops, printers or servers. These requests, and all requests such as Network Integration Studies, moves, cable drops, equipment and software reloads are to be requested by your LAN Administrator through the current process.

If you have any questions about this correspondence, please feel free to contact the CONNECTIONS Communications Team.