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Data Warehouse Overview

Power Point: Data Warehouse Overview

What is the OCFS Data Warehouse?

A data repository for CONNECTIONS and legacy data.

A tool to assist with your planning, monitoring and operational activities.

A place to access user-defined reports and modify, if needed.

A place to access data so that you can create your own reports.

What kinds of questions can I answer?

How many sex abuse reports did I receive and what was the outcome?

Has the number of reports made by mandated reporters increased in the last five years?

How has my indication rate for CPS reports changed over time?

What is my recurrence of maltreatment rate compared to the Federal standard?

What congregate facilities are my children placed in?

What can I do with data in the OCFS Data Warehouse?

View my own CFSR Program Improvement Plan (PIP) data.

Examine lists of children in various CPS, FAD, and Foster Care statuses.

Analyze trend data on many data indicators.

Compare my district to others on the same indicators.

Retrieve more than 20 pre-defined reports related to workload, client/cases status, performance factors and outcome measures.

Monitor program performanceImprove strategic planning efforts.

Data Warehouse Did You Know...

Did you know....That some users have reported that the OCFS Data Warehouse button on the Home Page is not being displayed. If this button is not visible please take the following steps:

Did you know....Data can be displayed graphically in charts such as pie charts, stacked bar charts, scatter charts, 3-D bar charts and many more.

Did you know....Data extracts can be saved and used in spreadsheets, statistical packages, word processing and other stand-alone applications.

Did you know....The OCFS Data Warehouse was designed to meet the needs of Local District Staff, Voluntary Staff, Regional and State OCFS staff who need access to management reports and ad hoc reporting on data in the CONNECTIONS and legacy systems.

Did you know....Data is refreshed on a weekly basis. Thus, every Monday the data reflects the state of the CONNECTIONS and CCRS systems as of the previous week.

Did you know....Aggregate and child specific data are available.

Did you know....Two reports have been developed based on data submitted for the child and family services review. These reports provide both summary views (statewide and by district) and the ability to drill down to child specific data.

Did you know....New York is one of many states using a data warehouse to provide access to our SACWIS data.

Did you know....Foster Home Reauthorization Coming Due report has replaced the CCRS Foster Family/Approved Relative Home Register and Foster Family Action Due Reports.