Incidence of Child Abuse and/or Maltreatment

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Background of Reports

These two reports identify children who are part of the incidence of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care as defined by ACF's Children's Bureau. The incidence of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care data is part of the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) data profile. A State meets the national standard for this indicator if, of all children in foster care in the State during the period under review, the percentage of children who were the subject of substantiated or indicated maltreatment by a foster parent or facility staff is 0.57% or less. For the period January to September 2000, the New York State rate is 0.77% using the 2000 NCANDS submission.

Purpose of the Reports

OCFS is, through its PIP (Program Improvement Plan), identifying policy, programmatic and practice steps to be taken to reduce this ratio. This series of Incidence of Child Abuse and/or Neglect in Foster Care reports is intended to help identify potential systemic factors contributing to the maltreatment of these children by looking at the children and perpetrators in these reports. Because child level information is also provided, reviewing other dynamics on a case-by-case basis is possible. Only key pieces of information are presented. Details of the CPS reports are available in CONNECTIONS and/or the local case records.

Reports Descriptions

The incidence of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care rate is derived from our NCANDS submission. The following definition is used by the Children's Bureau for incidence of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care. The universe (or base population) is a count of unique (distinct) children in foster care from January to September taken from the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) FFY 2000 submission. The numerator for this population is a unique count of children with substantiated allegations in an indicated report for the year 2000 with an intake start date between January and September whose perpetrator was a foster parent or residential facility staff.

There are currently two incidence of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care-related reports in the Data Warehouse.

Maltreatment in Foster Care Summary

This report lists the number of children with incidence of maltreatment, number of children in foster care, the rate for each district and the statewide totals. Since the report displays aggregate numbers, it can be viewed by all users who have access to the OCFS Data Warehouse.

Districts can drill down to their child specific data by double-clicking on their county code in the column labeled 'County Code' or by using the drop down arrow beside the Drill Through symbol on the tool bar. Select 'maltreatment in foster care.imr' from the drop down list. At this point, security rules are applied so that districts can see only their own data. Voluntary agencies cannot drill through.

Maltreatment in Foster Care Detail

This report lists the children with incidence of child abuse and/or neglect. The child's Person ID from CONNECTIONS, child name, the subject's Person ID from CONNECTIONS and the NCANDS Perpetrator Description. For New York City the borough name is displayed.

Users of the Data Warehouse have access to the reports through Impromptu by following the steps below.

  1. Login to Citrix
  2. Double click the Impromptu icon on the Citrix desktop.
  3. Inside Impromptu, point to File -> Open.
  4. In the Open dialog box navigate to DataWarehouse\Pre-defined User Reports.
  5. Open the CFSR Program Improvement Plan folder.
  6. Select either the Recurrence by District.imr or the Maltreatment in Foster Care Summary.imr and click to open.