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CIN/PID Project

Modifications to CIN/PID

The following reflect modifications to CIN/PID that will be implemented on October 25, 2002 as part of the CONNECTIONS Patch Build 15.1.01.

Thestate CIN/PID Control Report will now include the number of 'verified' transaction in the 'Total Number of Completed Records' count.

Currently there are 12 Districts participating in the CIN/PID Project for the updating of CINs in CONNECTIONS. In order to allow additional Districts to participate in the CIN/PID Project the data for all Districts will be loaded onto the CIN/PID database.

Changes were made so that the CIN/PID system will show that there is only a single match when only one CIN/PID record exists on the CIN/PID database after a person merge is completed.

CIN/PID Icon Is Now Available on the Citrix Desktop

On April 8th a new icon, the CIN/PID (Client Identification Number/Person Identification Number) icon, was made available on the Citrix desktop of CONNECTIONPCs. This icon is the means by which authorized local district users get access to the CIN/PID application.

The application offers an opportunity for a district to manage the process of updating CINs in CONNECTIONS with the Legacy data, i.e.the CIN in both open and closed Investigation Stages. Through CIN/PID districts will be able to link individuals in CCRS with the same individuals in a CONNECTIONS case. With the individuals linked by CIN, case level reporting that spans both systems is available through the OCFS Data Warehouse.

Districts that are interested in participating in the Project can find further information about the CIN/PID Project through the Project's manual. The manual can be accessed through the Public Folders via Public Folders > All Public Folders > Statewide > CONNECTIONS > Committees and Workgroups > Management Reporting Workgroup > Data Warehouse > Manuals > CIN PID Project.Doc. Districts requesting to participate should contact Joe DeLucia at (518)473-8209 or via e-mail (

More Data Warehouse Activities

Data Warehouse activities have focused on improved system performance, enhancements to exisitng report functions, supporting the Program Improvement Plan (PIP) related to the Federal Children and Family Service Review and the new developments described below.

Archived Dated Postings

As part of the Child and Family Services Review process, the federal government established six data indicators for which there are national standards--two are safety related and the remaining four are permanency related. In a continuing effort to support districts in the implementation of the State's PIP (Program Improvement Plan) a series of reports that replicate the data indicators has been completed.

These reports provide data for children in indicated Child Protective Services reports during calendar year 2000, for the safety indicators and for children in foster care during FFY 2000, for the permanency indicators. For each indicator, data is provided on the national standard, New York's rate and a rate for each county. Drill through reports will provide child level data, with key pieces of information to permit reviewing other dynamics of the indicator on a case-by-case basis.

Reports are provided for the two safety indicators: Recurrence of Maltreatment and Incidence of Child Abuse and/or Neglect in Foster Care and the four permanency indicators Discharge to Adoption within 2 Years of Removal, Reunify with Parent or Caretaker within 1 Year, Re-enty to Foster Care within 1 Year of Previous Discharge and Two or Fewer Placement Settings and In Care Less Than 1 Year.

The Six National Indicators Report displays the two safety and four permanency indicators in one composite listing. For demonstration purposes, all reports are displayed in PDF files. Any child specific data that is displayed is test data from the Data Warehouse training file.

Access to the data is available through any of the six individual reports (e.g, Recurrence by District 2000.imr) or through the Six National Indicators 2000.imr composite report.

Reports for Safety Indicators:

Reports for Permanency Indicators:

Users of the Data Warehouse have access to the reports through Impromptu by following the steps below.

  1. Login to Citrix
  2. Double click the Impromptu icon on the Citrix desktop.
  3. Inside Impromptu, point to File -> Open.
  4. In the Open dialog box navigate to Cognos Cubes\DataWarehouse\Pre- defined User Reports.
  5. Open the CFSR Program Improvement Plan folder.
  6. Select any report that ends in *.imr and click to open.