Office of Children and Family Services

Adult Protective Services

The Abusers

To report adult abuse, call (within New York State only):1-844-697-3505 or
contact the local county Department of Social Services Adult Protective Services.

Sadly, the neglect and mistreatment of adults happens most often at home. Over half of all reported abuse cases in New York State involve the children or grandchildren of the abused. Other abusers include other relatives such as siblings and spouses, paid care providers, friends, and neighbors.

According to a 1997 profile of the Protective Services Caseload in New York State:

  • 56.3% of abusers were male
  • 74% of abusers were family members
  • 34% of abusers were adult children
  • 26% of abusers were spouses
  • 26% of abusers were unrelated

In many instances, the abuser was financially dependent on the victim and/or had an incapacitating condition such as substance abuse, mental incapacity, or physical incapacity.

According to the National Elder Abuse Incidence Study of 1998, 47% of abusers were children of the victim.  This is followed by 19% spouses, 9% each grandchildren or other relative, 6% each sibling or friend/neighbor, 3% in-home service provider, and 1% out-of-home service provider.