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Title IV-E

Title IV-E Administrative Cost Related to Candidacy

It was anticipated that Title IV-E Administrative Cost would be part of the 2009 Foster Care Eligibility Review (FCER) conducted by Administration of Children and Families (ACF) scheduled for August 31 to September 4, 2009.  ACF notified OCFS  in July 2008 that Administrative Cost Review will not be part of the 2009 FCER.

This gives OCFS  and local districts the opportunity to strengthen requirements of how Administrative Cost is determined.

Title IV-E of the Social Security Act provides for federal funding of foster care maintenance and certain related administrative costs for children who meet the Title IV-E Foster Care requirements for initial and re-determination eligibility criteria.

While Title IV-E foster care administration is largely associated with children on whose behalf a Title IV-E foster care maintenance payment is being made, there are circumstances where administrative cost incurred prior to a child’s placement may be allowable.  The state process for determining this situation for children is considered as pre-placement foster care candidate.  Local district cost represents the majority of this type of Title IV-E administrative cost claims.

NYS defines a foster care candidate as any child with an open mandated preventive case exists.  In these situations the state must have determined that that the child is at imminent risk of removal from the home and reasonable efforts are being made to prevent removal, or if necessary to pursue removal from home.  A state must document that it has determined that a child is a candidate for foster care in one of three acceptable methods; a case plan that identifies foster care as a goal absent preventative services, and eligibility form is used to document IV-E eligibility, or evidence of court proceedings related to the child’s removal from home.

OCFS participated in a Pilot Administrative Cost Review by ACF with two other states in September 2007. The purpose of the review was to review ACR protocol, allow ability of Title IV-E foster care claims, appropriateness of allocation methodologies contained is State’s Public Assistance Cost Allocation Plan (PACAP) and review documentation to support administrative cost claims for period under review. See 08-OCFS-INF-09 Federal Administrative Cost Review Report.

In order to prepare for a future Administrative Cost Review OCFS will continue to review process for claiming Title IV-E related to administrative cost to make sure that the State meets all of the Federal requirements.

For more information on Administrative Cost related to Candidacy visit Administration for Children and Families (ACF);

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