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Letters to Providers


This letter contains information for family day care and group family day care programs.  The topics include:  Aspire update,  supervision reminder, training announcements, Information concerning the cloud, shelter in place annual requirement,  resources for families, fire extinguisher and carbon monoxide warnings and a reminder of required training deadline for all owners of multiple programs. (Read letter now) - Spanish DCC - Spanish FDC


December 2014 Dear Provider Letter- this edition features two versions, a version for family based programs and a version for center based programs. 

The Provider’s Edition for Group and Family programs includes the following information and resources:
NEW Law Requiring the Posting of Inspections; NEW First Aid/CPR contract with the National Safety Council; Winter Safety; Training Opportunities; Ebola Virus Information; and Reminders and Updates pertaining to the new regulations that became effective May 1, 2014.  (Read letter now) (Spanish) (Ebola Information) (Spanish)

The Director’s Edition introduces the new DCC/SACC/SDCC regulations which were adopted on November 19, 2014. Also included you will find information and resources on: Pest Management Survey; NEW Law Requiring the Posting of Inspections; NEW First Aid/CPR contract with the National Safety Council; Winter Safety; Training Opportunities; and Ebola Virus Information. (Read letter now) (Spanish) (Ebola Information) (Spanish)

October 2014 Dear Provider Letter – Includes the following information and resources: Cold & Flu season, Head Lice, Immunizations, Healthy Eating; On-line training credit; Exit Interviews; Fire Drills; Reminders and Updates pertaining to new requirements that became effective May 1, 2014.  (Read letter now) (Spanish)

This letter contains important information regarding changes to family and group family day care regulations. New family and group family regulations become effective May 1, 2014. This letter covers only some of the changes in regulation such as: Shelter in place, training, multiple programs, screen time, record keeping, and supervision. Read letter now... (Spanish)


  • Dear Provider - November 2013: The purpose of this letter is to provide guidance about the New York State Justice Center and clarify how it affects your day care program’s employment process. Read letter... (Spanish)
  • Funding is available for repairs, renovations and rebuilding of child care facilities in both family-based and center-based programs. THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING THE APPLICATION IS 3:00 PM ON AUGUST 30, 2013! Read more... (Spanish)
  • June 2013 Dear Provider Letter (Spanish)- This letter provides information on the ways for the public to comment on the proposed changes to Part 413 Definitions, Part 417 Family and Park 418 Group regulations. The letter also provides information on the important proposed changes that will strengthen health and safety standards, add recently adopted law, and make the regulations easier to understand.


  • Dear Colleague (Spanish) - December 2012: Education Incentive Program, E-Learning, Child and Adult Care Food Program, CACFP, Mandated phone number for State Cetnral Register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment, walking aids, third shift, snow, crib, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Influenza, flu, medication administrants
  • Dear Provider (Spanish) - December 2012: For child day care providers affected by Superstorm Sandy: The Division of Day Care Services  (DCCS) is mailing  this letter on December 7, 2012,  which is  packed with resource information, to make sure you are aware of what help and support is available to you in your area of the state.   The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is offering disaster assistance.  If you have insurance, FEMA may provide assistance  that may cover damages that your insurance doesn’t. That is why all  individuals affected by Superstorm Sandy are urged by FEMA to apply for assistance. (December 2012)
    • NYS Children’s Issues Task Force Superstorm Sandy Resource Guide - This document contains a wealth of Federal, NYS, local, Mental health, Legal, and Spaces and Equipment Available resources. Also included is a listing of the local Child Care Resource & Referral agencies in impacted counties. (December 2012)
  • Dear Provider - May 2012: Topics include: Required documents at the two year mark, cribs, waiver requests, new on-line training topic, fraud, training reminder,  Educational Incentive Program Funding, Medication Administration Training, pools.”
  • Dear Provider (Spanish) - May 2012



For Family-Based Providers

For Day Care Center and School Age Child Care Providers



  • July 2008 - (FDC and GFDC)- Training requirements and forms/ Who Can fingerprint/ Insurance videoconference
  • July 2008 - (DCC and SACC) Training requirements and forms/ Who can fingerprint/ Playground safety


  • December 2007 - Consumer Protection Board’s Toy Safety Inventory Checklists
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