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Human Services Call Center

Human Services Call Center

The Consolidated Call Center Project is a Governor’s initiative to assist those who call for information from New York State agencies. Governor Cuomo believes that every caller should receive consistent, accurate, high quality service.
Toward that goal, New York embarked on an enterprise-wide effort to consolidate information and referral calls from more than 30 agencies into four Anchor Agencies.
The consolidation enhances operational efficiencies, improves business processes and delivers better customer service.
OCFS was selected as one of the four anchor agencies to create the Human Services Consolidated Call Center (HSCC), serving the following agencies:

  • Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
  • Department of Health (DOH)
  • Office of Victim Services (OVS)
  • Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS)
  • Department of Civil Service (DCS)
  • Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA)
  • Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)
  • Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)

OCFS built the Human Services Call Center from the ground up by working closely with the other three Anchor Agencies:  Department of Tax and Finance (DTF), Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to develop best-in-class Call Center customer service delivery standards.   The Anchor Agencies created common quality assurance methods and similar call handling procedures, a standard service level agreement and a common training program for Call Center staff.

OCFS also partnered with the Office for Information Technology Services (OITS) and Division of Budget (DOB) to build the infrastructure, select and implement the telephony technology, and create the funding mechanism needed to begin operations. 

The HSCC Call Center Representatives took the first calls in May 2013 for one line of business for the Department of Health (DOH).  By July 2014, the HSCC handled over 300,000 calls.

In the first year of operating, the HSCC expanded at a steady rate, adding additional lines for DOH and added four new customer agencies.  Within the first 18 months of operating, the HSCC completed the transition of calls for 23 different lines within eight agencies.  By fall of 2014, the Call Center Representatives handled an average of 1,500 calls per day.

Within the first few months of the transition, HSCC Customer Agencies have realized increased efficiencies and have had more time to dedicate to their core missions.  Agencies have reported their subject matter experts spend more time with complex inquiries, as a result of not having to constantly stop work to answer calls, which has resulted in improved customer service. 

HSCC Resource Center

Quality Assurance Manual 
The Quality Assurance Manual outlines processes and criteria upon which HSCC call center representatives will be assessed regularly.

HSCC Operations Manual
The HSCC Operations Manual contains processes and procedures used at the HSCC to create a successful partnership with our customer agencies


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